Unveiling the Power of Backlink Reports

What You Should Know About a Backlink Report

A backlink report shows you the pages on your domain or your competitors’ that receive links from other websites. It’s also useful to identify broken links.

You can use a backlink tool to view top metrics like total links and referring domains, or you can filter by unique domains. This gives you a better view of the quality of the links you’re getting from new sources.


Performing a backlink audit can reveal competitors and give you a glimpse into the strategies they’re using to rank for organic keywords. For example, you may notice specific anchor text patterns, similarities in publisher names and/or the types of websites that link to your competitor.

It’s also important to consider the relevance of the keyword terms that are used in each backlink. A good anchor text strategy should include both strategic keyword terms as well as synonyms and different phrasings of those words. This helps ensure that your links are semantically relevant to the page they’re linking to and the article they’re included in.

Top SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, offer backlink tracking features that present fresh and accurate data in real time. Using this type of tool allows you to monitor changes and identify opportunities for improvement. It’s a valuable part of any online marketing arsenal.


In the backlink report, you can view all of your referring domains (or links that point to you) from a specific domain. You can also filter by backlink types, link attributes (like dofollow or nofollow), and First Seen/Last Seen dates.

You can use this information to identify potential link opportunities for your website. For example, if one of your competitors has lots of links from similar sites, you might try to reach out to those sites and offer to guest post on their site.

You can also analyze your competitor’s backlink profile using a tool like Ahrefs. You can use their Search Explorer to search for a domain, subdomains, or an exact page URL and view their backlinks and referring domains in a data table. This is a great way to identify your competitors’ best pages, their top linking domains, and the number of unique backlinks they have. It can help you improve your own link-building strategy by learning from the mistakes and successes of others.


Using a backlink analysis tool such as Majestic SEO can help you find potential link-building opportunities by analyzing a website’s pages. For example, if you notice that a page has a lot of links but does not have the same amount of traffic, it might be worth exploring ways to improve its content to attract more visitors.

In addition to discovering new opportunities, a backlink report can also help you identify broken links. It will show you the page that the broken link points to and whether it is a dofollow or nofollow link. If you find a broken link that is pointing to a page that no longer exists or contains a typo, you can try to recreate the page or set up a redirect to another page on your site.

A backlink gap analysis is an important part of any SEO strategy. It helps you understand the strengths of your competitors’ backlink profiles by comparing their overall number of incoming links and domains to your own.


A backlink report displays the total number of links pointing to your website pages, as well as the amount of link juice these pages receive. It also reveals which of your pages are thriving, and which ones need more backlinks. Thorough analysis can reveal particular improvements to your content that will help you build up a higher number of high-quality backlinks.

It also helps you identify toxic or harmful backlinks. These are low-quality links that aren’t beneficial to your site, such as those from article directories or shady forums. It’s vital to avoid these links if you want to keep your search engine rankings healthy and consistent.

A backlink checker can also assess the quality of your competitors’ links. You can use a tool like Ahrefs or Moz to see what kinds of websites they’re linking from, and which of their pages are getting the most backlinks. This information can then be used to improve your own link building outreach efforts.

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